Hello Mum, this is going to be hard for you to read…

I just want to thank my sister in law for sharing this with me so that I can now share it with all of you…


Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher

In the words of 19 year old Rifleman Cyrus Thatcher:

“I want each and everyone of you to forfill a dream and at the end of it look at what you have done (completed) and feel the accomplishment and achievement I did only then will you understand how I felt when I passed away.”

 It’s never too late to start living so decide what you want and go out and bloody get it!


~ by Secret Diary of a Good Girl (emergise) on July 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Hello Mum, this is going to be hard for you to read…”

  1. Wow Emma that was something else and thank you for sharing.


  2. You don’t have to be his Mum, or indeed a Mum at all, to find this a hard read. It prompted a range of emotions, quite complex, and a lot of thought. Hope, futility, a sense of perspective, and perhaps above all a desire to understand the argument as to why all this misery is necessary.

    • Thanks Jonathan, there really are so many issues and thoughts hidden in Cyrus’s story like you say. Where do you start with making a difference, well I say just start somewhere. Whether that be the bigger issue of our world or the one that’s going on in your own mind, just start somewhere.

  3. A proud young man who seemed to take everything in his stride, good sense of humour and keeping the morale up. Most importantly doing what he loved.
    RIP young Cyrus

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