You don’t have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great

It’s hours before I fly to Greece and leave behind all traces of my current life, well my blackberry and laptop mainly. I’ve traded in my blackberry for a mobile that my friend dug out of the bottom of her cupboard, and after we wiped the dust off we could see it was an old Nokia, no numbers to give it a name so let’s just call it Mavis for now.

So with Mavis charging I wanted to connect with you before I leave because unlike a lot of other bloggers, I won’t be taking you with me. It’s not because you don’t mean the world to me, on the contrary you mean everything to me, I just need some ‘Emma’ time, so I’m “Taking Time Out for Myself”.

But anyway that’s not why I’m writing this though, so what’s my point?

Well my point is very simple, for all those goals, dreams, ambitions and ideas you have, the most important and ironically easiest thing for you to do is take the first step.  For those first 10 of you who subscribed to my I want to thank you for helping me achieve one of my goals, to start an Emergise Video blog. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, until I couldn’t anymore because, quite simply, I was annoying myself!

The crazy thing about all of this is how easy it felt once I’d done it. You see things are never as hard as you expect them to be, and as a wise woman, Rhian Pamphilon, once said to me:

“You don’t have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great” You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great


~ by Secret Diary of a Good Girl (emergise) on August 11, 2009.

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