a conversation with emergise testimonials

“Emma has been blessed and been sent from God to help people.  The experience has truly been amazing and although rather a cliché, I have finally found myself after 20 years.  I have a new life because of you Emma, thank you so so much.  If you ever need any design work, just give me a call, I need to repay you for beginning my new journey. Xxx”

A F, Web designer, London

“I would like to thank Emma and A Conversation with Emergise for my consultations, support and guidance.

As an actress who recently relocated to Hollywood, I found the move and new path in my life quite overwhelming. I did not know where to begin, and how to balance career, relationships, and this new life.

I began personal sessions with Emma and my life just transformed for the better. Emma taught me how to relax, focus and create the life I want. Within a few weeks, I now have an agent, movie deals and a great personal life!

Emma is amazing! She has so much talent, and her positivity is contagious. Emma can make the smallest problem, or the biggest issue seem like a distant memory. With her hypnotherapy skills, attitude and positive power, Emma can make your life the best it can be. I highly recommend that everyone have consultations with A Conversation with Emergise!

Thank you Emma for bringing out the best of myself!”

Ingrid Bloom, Actress, Hollywood

“There are not enough words to properly describe what a life altering experience it has been to work with Emma. The sessions were thought provoking, innovative, and effective.

When I met Emma, I felt like my life was in a shambles. From the outside, I looked “together”. I often said the “right” words and was described as “inspiring”.  I have read THE SECRET and listened to NEW EARTH. All materials I found valuable but nothing was really sticking. So on the inside, I felt like an imposter.  Emma’s work has felt much more tangible. She helped pinpoint a specific time where I made a decision that affected the rest of my life. An experience I shrugged off as simply a childhood memory. Pinpointing that situation has dramatically helped me cope with a recent tragedy. That alone, I believe has saved my marriage.

Additionally, she created concrete techniques for me to deal with highly stressful situations from the simple mundane like washing dishes after a long day at work to the more complex like feeling loved and appreciated. Additionally, I believe her work will be instrumental in furthering my plans for my new business. I am forever grateful to Emma for her work. She is exceptional!”

Karen Kaufman-Wilson, Producer, First Film Jobs, Hollywood

“I found A Conversation with Emergise when I had a lot of questions but few answers.  A Conversation with Emergise has guided me to the answers within and brought me so many positive changes with it.  It’s been wonderful”

Anon, London

“This is Marcus Proctor, very soon to be future Oscar winner for Best Actor, or Best Supporting Actor, I’m not picky…I had an amazing session with the one and only Emma Fairclough.  The first thing you notice about her is the boundless energy she exudes.  You feel great about yourself just standing next to her and are able to open up to her straight away which is not an easy feet for me.  She reads what’s going on straight away and knows how to get to the core of what’s going on sooooo quickly…

She gave me a session and finished it off with a visualization technique and I seriously could not stop grinning from ear to ear and giggling.  I was so open to possibilities that it was like I was 5 again.  It is so hard to explain in words but you will feel so empowered and not frightened by what, at the end of the day, are just little distractions.

At the end of the day she is amazing and brings things into your life that you wanted for a long time and more that you didn’t realize were missing.  You would be doing yourself a serious disservice by not connecting with her.  LOVE YOU EMMA :))

Peace Out”

Marcus Proctor, Actor, Hollywood


“Meeting with Emma gave me so much different insight to my life.  In just a few hours I was able to see my past differently and completely be at peace with it and stop it from holding me back.  She was so supportive and friendly the whole time, I felt I could totally open up and trust she would understand whatever came out of my mouth.  She is such a positive person, I remember the first time I met her she was full of confidence, energy and had a big big smile on her face.  I would recommend A Conversation with Emergise to anyone and everyone, even my own mother!’

Pippa Wilkie, Singer & Dancer, London

“Over the last year, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and getting to know Emma Fairclough and her company Emergise. Our initial introduction came during one of our advanced trainings, when she was a participant. Over the coming months, she worked with us for three other trainings, in which she not only took a leadership role (overseeing around 20 people), but helped guide and teach our students the fundamental learning’s that our company embodies.

On a personal level, she has coached me on a number of concerns, providing sound advice and tools to improve my outcome. She brings a high level of professionalism, knowledge and compassion to her work. With the upmost of confidence, I highly recommend Emma, and her company Emergise, to anyone looking for a personal or professional coach that will unquestionably help raise their performance to new incredible heights and live a more fulfilling life.”

Robert Finkelstein

‘I run 3 hostels based in West Hollywood and Hollywood and most of my staff have come to LA to make it happen and live their dreams as actors, musicians, writers, directors, simply anything and everything in the entertainment industry. When Emma offered them A Conversation with Emergise, the results were outstanding! They work in our hostels for free accommodation in our dorms, so their rent is one less thing to worry about.

Emma has made an incredible difference to our staff in so many ways, it’s almost difficult to put it into words. Every single person who has been blessed with working with A Conversation with Emergise has been able to find and focus on their dreams in such a way that the results are mind-blowing.  More importantly for myself, their new found energy, confidence, work ethic and enthusiasm is being seen every day in their work within my business, word is spreading fast and we are even busier than ever!

Just being in Emma’s company I am inspired everyday to strive for better results in every aspect of my life and work, when you are Emergised, anything is possible!  Throughout Emma’s time here, she has created an incredible energy and I would recommend her to anyone. A Conversation with Emergise is the most significant positive experience we have ever encountered, work with her now because it will be the best move you’ve ever made!’

Mohamed Lamine Sanogo, General Manager, Hollywood

“This is your world.
You’re the director, producer and lead actor.
It is up to you to design your life the way you always wanted to.
First rule of this crazy game called life is: Love Yourself.
Second rule: Love Yourself. Third rule: Love Yourself…
It’s all about LOVE & ART.”

Anonymous, Actress & Singer/Songwriter, Hollywood

“Emma changed my life. I can’t express it any clearer than that – it really did change my life.
Emma has an amazing ability to make you see yourself in a different light, what I had thought myself to be for twenty years changed.  Thanks to Emma I have a whole new life to live.  If changing one’s life to live as one truly wants to live is worth a million, Emma should be charging a million an hour – I’m a brand new me and I will be forever thankful!”

Anonymous, Actress, Hollywood

“I had no idea what a cross-roads I was at and how now empowered I am now to make positive decisions…thank you for allowing me to see the moment so I may now seize upon it”

Tim, Director, Hollywood

“Working with Emergise has not only made me realise a number of things I would never have otherwise but entirely changed my perspective and motivation…it was amazing and put so much into perspective…I still carry my Emergise note around in my wallet and imagine I will until I can look at it and go “hah, thanks Emma, I’ve got my dream!”  😀 ”

Phoebe, Set Designer, Hollywood

“Exactly what I needed, this was a success… I overcame a lot of my emotions and I feel a lot more focussed and confident within myself and I’m ready for the next step”

Anonymous, Comedian, Hollywood

“I cannot believe what I got from my sessions with Emma.  I now have so many new habits and routines from waking up, to writing to simply Being.  You are the best!!!”

Sandra Schlom, Writer, Hollywood

“The workshop was an excellent balance of theory and practical which made it so easy to apply that to everyday circumstances.  Emma was very engaging and held attention really well, she made it fun too.  The workshops were very useful for my role.”
“Fantastic, if I can start to achieve my goals from this, it will be brilliant and I believe I can. Emma is excellent, full of energy and definitely not boring!  The workshop was brilliant and very relevant to my job, it was to the point and also great as it relates to everyday life as well.  Thank you.”
“What a very interesting and useful workshop.  It will be very helpful once I’ve implemented it in my field and I intend to start doing that right now.  Our Trainer, Emma, was excellent and really knew her stuff.  I can use this in all aspects of my job, in the office and generally in business meetings and dealing with our clients.  Great.”
“The workshop was concise and informative, predominantly thought provoking whilst still providing new alternative insight.  Emma was energetic & enthusiastic and really committed to Emergise and you can see she believes and lives what she preaches!  It was great content and gave me lots of new tools, including very useful communication tools.”
Emergise has a great balance of theory & exercises and Emma was energetic, knowledgeable, practical and fun.  The rapport building was extremely helpful with managing my channel & internal relationships.  Overall it was a fun learning experience – job well done!”

Sheryl Newson, Flexirent Marketing Channel Director, Sydney

“Emma Fairclough was a HUGE support to me while I was taking my training courses…Not only was she always present for me and the other participants, she was instrumental in my life changing transformation I experienced.  She was consistently available to answer my questions, review tools and strategies, or to simply discuss something I was excited about.  Emma was always ready with a hug and a warm, friendly smile every time I saw her. Thank you so much Emma!  I will always be grateful to you for being there for me!”

Tamara Mack, London


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